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Food Production demands a clean and safe work area.  Our GT turbine vibrators do not require lubrication, and generate far less noise than ball and piston units.  Our light-duty baseball bump caps offer light protection, in an attractive style.  We offer food grade conveyor belt scrapers and accessories.  Air Cannon systems are an efficient way to move bulk materials through larger hoppers. 

Flow aids - "clean" vibrators, air cannons, and Bin Butler systems
Head Protection - VISION hard hats; integrated visor
Fire Detection - fast response fire and spark detection systems
Railcar & Truck Unloading - light, quiet vibrators, as well as heavy-duty vibrators, gate openers, and boot connectors
Conveyor Belt Accessories - including belt scrapers & blades, skirting, impact cradles / slider beds
Material Level Indication Probes - a rugged, but economical choice; a range of options


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