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   The Precast Industry demands rugged equipment.  Our Heavy-Duty concrete form vibrators and vibratory sleds are extra heavy-duty, for longer life in rough conditions, and our Automatic Rebar Tier tool makes tying faster, easier, and more consistent.


The Dual Roller style unit is the standard in external form vibration.  Featuring huge force output at high frequency, our CRs are extra rugged, designed to last for years and fit common brackets.  From pipe to box culverts to prison cells, we've vibrated everything.
Have a big project coming up?  Let us design a Complete Vibration System, including brackets, hoses, valves, airline controls and accessories.

Fits universal Cradle-lug brackets.
Fits sleds for Track Systems

4 Models available:  4400, 5500, 6500, 7800

These small, but powerful vibrators are commonly used on screeds and smaller forms and can be purchased as a kit, complete with two vibrators and an air-line lubricator.  These units produce high frequency vibration, for a cleaner, more consistent precast product finish.  Utilizes simple, 2-bolt mount.  A simple design, with one moving part and no vane means long life and minimal maintenance.

Permanent 2 bolt mount
Ideal for Screeds
3 Sizes available

The same specs as our Heavy-duty CR, but with a permanent mount.  The 4-bolt pattern matches the vibrator mount found on many pipe forms.

Permanent 4-bolt Mount
2 Models available:  5500, 6500

One of the most time-consuming aspects of a big project is tying rebar.  With the pull of a trigger, our automatic rebar tying tool ties faster and more consistently, while reducing the potential for hand strain injury.  Powered by supplied Ni-cad rechargeable batteries.

Simple trigger action
Wraps 3 times, twists, and ties
Faster ties and increased safety

Like our vibrators and brackets, our sled is extremely rugged, with a special design to reduce wear.  It accepts CR and CR-type vibrators and fits existing sled systems.  

Not only do we supply the best quality concrete vibration equipment at the best price, but we can recommend mounting systems, utilizing the best type and properly sized external vibrators.  If you're using internal "snake-style" vibrators we can make recommendations on how to implement external vibrators, for reduced maintenance and more consistent product.

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