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Comfortable, economical powered respirator.

Our lightweight NIOSH approved Magnum 3000 PAPR/Powered Respirator protects you from dust, particulate, and impacts to the head and face, while staying comfortable and keeping operating costs low. The lightweight, yet rugged respirator combines with our comfortable Concept hard hat headpiece in a simple to use system, built to withstand the toughest industrial conditions.

With a low initial cost and economical replacement filters, the Magnum 3000 provides one of the lowest costs of operation of any powered air-purifying respirator.

The belt-mounted Blower Unit is constructed of extra-rugged Polycarbonate and ABS that won’t crack, despite weighing just over a pound. We don’t recommend running it over with your work truck, but you can.
The internal microprocessor helps keep you safe by detecting low or blocked air flow. Air Flow is automatically increased before an audible signal prompts you to take action.
The complete Magnum 3000 Package includes everything you need to start, including:
Concept hard hat with flip-up polycarbonate visor and hose unit
Magnum 3000 Blower Unit
Li-On Battery and Intilligent Charger
Belt with Comfort Pad
Pre-filters and High Efficiency HEPA Filters

Hard Hat Specifications Material:

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Weight: Approx 15oz without hose, 23oz with hose
Cradle: 6-point Terylene
Sweatband: Premium Absorbent Hydro-Flock
Headband: Standard or Twist 2 Fit Ratchet
Color: Black
Polycarbonate Flip-up Visor with Proban flame-resistant face seal

Blower Unit Specifications Material:

Polycarbonate/ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Weight: Approx 18oz with battery
Air Flow: from185 liters/minute
to 210 liters/minute
LED Indicator Lights for fan speed and remaining battery

Operation Time:
10-11 hours @ 185 liters/minute
7-8 hours @ 210 liters/minute

Simple controls offer clear indication of air flow and remaining battery

High-capacity, lightweight Lithium-Ion Battery for up to 11 hours of continuous use

Intelligent Charger prevents overcharging and helps to maintain longer battery life

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