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Several years ago, a report provided by the EPRI reported that there is at least one fire in a coal mill somewhere in the world each day.  With the increased use of Powder River Basin Coal, it might be reasonable to expect that this figure is now much higher. Spontaneous combustion with PRB Coal is very well known concern.
  One very promising step towards protecting plants from loss of generation and plant damage, is the implementation of a fire detection system for coal mills.  Not a CO monitoring system, which takes constant maintenance and calibration.  Not thermal detection, which may not respond until a raging fire is taking place inside your mill.
  In the last few years, a method of detecting coal mill fires under the grinding table (where 95% of fires occur) has been applied.  This system responds only to combustion, eliminating false alarms, which may be prevalent in other systems.  The occurrence of fires under the grinding table is typically linked to coal being rejected, not transferred out of the pyrite door, or perhaps being transported and stuck in the air inlet duct of the mill.
  Most fires go undetected and the only evidence of such a fire is found when an inspection is carried out and clinker is found in the mill.  These undetected fires could become catastrophic.  Lack of notifications of fires is not a safe method of determining if a fire detection system is adequate. Our Mill Fire Detection System is reliable, maintenance friendly, and proven on coal mills around the world.

Typical arrangement for Mill Fire Detection          Sensors under grinding table.


Infrared Detector is tolerant of high temperatures and vibration, responding instantly and only to flame, rejecting radiant heat or "hotspots."
"Quick Change" mounts for easy installation and replacement

With highly automated coal handling equipment, personnel are no longer able to look after every individual process.  IR detection notifies of potential trouble before a major hazard can occur.

Detect fires in the initial stages before hazardous explosions have a devastating effect on equipment and production.

Clients report system payback by preventing increases in, or by the reduction of insurance premiums.


  Mill Fire Detectors on CE-type 783 mills.

Mill Fires happen.  Our Infrared Mill Fire Detection Systems help prevent them from becoming catastrophic.  Flicker from any fire is detected by optical infrared sensors, but static radiation is ignored.  By utilizing flickering infrared signals, sensors are tolerant of dust and condensation.  
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Convenient quick connect provides easy removal of detector from high-temp bayonet mount.

CO systems can be difficult to calibrate.  Thermal detection is slow to respond.  Ensure true peace of mind with the installation of a system which reacts immediately to flame, while ignoring radiant heat or "hot spots".  










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