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High-quality, yet economical pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic industrial vibrators for hoppers and silos.  We offer turbine and linear units that consume little energy, generate little noise, and require little maintenance, in addition to standard, yet practical piston, ball, and roller vibrators.

Clean, quiet, and energy-efficient, the GT is suitable for a wide range of applications.  They are precision-manufactured to consume little air and generate little noise.
  Because they do not require lubrication, they are appropriate for the food and pharmaceutical industry.  Ideal replacement for ball vibrators, in areas where noise is a concern.

Air Consumption:  Low
Noise Level:  Low
Force / Amplitude:  Low to Medium
Frequency:  High

Linear, air-cushioned vibration; gentle enough to convey glass vials, strong enough to shake railcars.  All operate at low noise levels, and are very energy-efficient.  Frequency and amplitude is easily adjusted by "tuning" air-flow.  Utilizes an aluminum housing, for long-life.    An ideal upgrade to standard piston vibrators. 

Air Consumption:  Very Low
Noise Level:  Very Low 
Force / Amplitude:  Low to High
Frequency:  Medium to High

The original form of applied vibration, an economical design continues to make them popular.  With a wide range of sizes and designs, these units are effective in inducing flow in hoppers and silos, on match-plates in foundries, on concrete screeds, and many, many other areas.

Air Consumption:  Medium to High
Noise Level:  Medium to High
Force / Amplitude:  Low to Medium
Frequency:  Medium

The safe way to address tough flow problems.  Hits like a hammer, without damaging the container.  These are rugged, pneumatically powered units, used in a variety of difficult applications, where high amplitude is required.  A range of sizes makes them versatile.  A basic design makes them economical.

Air Consumption:  High
Noise Level:  Medium to High
Force / Amplitude:  Medium to High
Frequency:  Low

Extra Heavy-Duty vibrators, for the absolute toughest applications.  These vibrators drive our most powerful railcar vibrators and are commonly used on precast concrete forms.  Effectively used for shake-out in foundries.

Air Consumption:  High
Noise Level:  High
Force / Amplitude:  Very High
Frequency:  High

Another energy-efficient solution to flow problems.  These units have the lowest operating cost, and are designed for long life in the harshest conditions.  While generating almost no noise, a wide range of sizes is available, in single and three phase, to suit your particular problem.  Explosion-proof models are available.

Energy Consumption:  Very Low
Noise Level:  Very Low
Force / Amplitude:  Low to High
Frequency:  Low to High


The Precast Industry demands rugged equipment.  Our Heavy-Duty concrete form vibrators and vibratory sleds are extra heavy-duty, for longer life in rough conditions, and our Automatic Rebar Tier tool makes tying faster, easier, and more consistent.


The Dual Roller style unit is the standard in external form vibration.  Featuring huge force output at high frequency, our CRs are extra rugged, designed to last for years and fit common brackets.  From pipe to box culverts to prison cells, we've vibrated everything.
Have a big project coming up?  Let us design a Complete Vibration System, including brackets, hoses, valves, airline controls and accessories.

Fits universal Cradle-lug brackets.
Fits sleds for Track Systems

4 Models available:  4400, 5500, 6500, 7800

These small, but powerful vibrators are commonly used on screeds and smaller forms and can be purchased as a kit, complete with two vibrators and an air-line lubricator.  These units produce high frequency vibration, for a cleaner, more consistent precast product finish.  Utilizes simple, 2-bolt mount.  A simple design, with one moving part and no vane means long life and minimal maintenance.

Permanent 2 bolt mount
Ideal for Screeds
3 Sizes available

The same specs as our Heavy-duty CR, but with a permanent mount.  The 4-bolt pattern matches the vibrator mount found on many pipe forms.

Permanent 4-bolt Mount
2 Models available:  5500, 6500


Because hundreds of models and sizes are available, this is just a sample of what we offer.  If you're looking for something in particular, contact us; we probably have it. 

The use of applied vibration has proven effective in a wide range of applications.  Most commonly used on hoppers and silos to maintain the flow of materials, industrial vibrators offer an economical method of generating vibration when required.

A properly sized and mounted hopper vibrator will maintain the flow of material, without causing damage to the container.  We can make recommendations on the best type of vibration and the best method of mounting, based on your material and specific conditions.  We can even supply mounting kits, to ensure easy installation, ideal transmittal of vibration, and long equipment life. 


If you're not sure what to use, that's okay.  Our technicians are trained to know, so you don't have to worry about it.

Contact us if you're looking for a specific model or brand.  We work with major manufacturers, and may be able to offer replacement vibrators that generate less noise, consume less air, and do not require lubricated air.


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