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The most stringent applications call for a flow-aid system that can not only maintain the flow of material, but can also maintain a clean surface.  Not to be confused with air pads, rugged Bin-Butler Systems do just this, while consuming very little air and generating no more sound than a whisper. 

   The Bin-Butler System is the latest advance in flow management.  Injector heads fire a radial pattern of powerful air pulses between material and the container wall to safely and quickly move material without affecting the vessel.
A solid-state, Programmable Time-sequence Controller determines the firing pattern of strategically placed injector heads to maintain required discharge of materials.
Quiet, long-lasting systems utilize high-grade carbon steel or stainless steel components and typically require less than 10CFM of plant air. 

Injector heads mount flush to the inside of hopper wall, tightly sealed from material dust and fines. When activated, piston head extends, "slicing" material from hopper wall, without affecting vessel.

Tough materials that cling and stick to hopper walls require a tough solution.  Bin-Butler Systems are engineered for specific applications, to eliminate clinging, bridging, and arching of material, and restore 100% bin capacity, while maintaining a clean surface.

Bin-Butler Systems are not limited to hoppers and silos, and are effectively used on enclosed chutes and pneumatic conveying systems.

Trained engineers evaluate application specifics, to determine the size and quantity of injector heads, as well as ideal mounting locations and timing patterns for firing.

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