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PureFlo 3000 PAPR

All-in-one Powered Respirator

The PureFlo 3000 PAPR/powered respirator protects all of your most important assets in one compact helmet, streamlining your PPE requirements.

The NIOSH-approved PAPR protects your team while grinding, welding, metal fabrication, and many other tasks and from a range of respiratory hazards, including silica, concrete and metal dust, and other particulates. Low breathing resistance and a flow rate of 170L/min up to 220 L/min keeps your crew working at peak performance.

Approvals to ANSI Z89.1 for the hard hat shell and Z87+ for the visor complete the package. The compact design also eliminates the safety hazards associated with cords and hoses, and can be put into service without delay, with no fit testing is needed.

Lithium Ion batteries keep the unit lightweight and self-contained, and fit in your pocket for easy, quick changes.

Options include Ear Defenders to guard against hearing damage and flying debris, welding visors, an open-frame model for lighter weight when hard hats aren’t needed, and a full respiratory hood.


Filter Type: High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), Optional pre-filter, odor nuisance, spark arrestor
Assigned Protection Factor (APF): APF 25, APF 1000 with hood
Initial Design Flow Rate: 220 L/min (170L/min minimum, 7.7 CFM (6 CFM minimum)
Noise Level: Less than 80dBA
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Battery Duration: 4-5 hours
Recharge Time: 2 hours
Weight: 2.1-3.6lbs. depending on configurationnt


Respiratory: NIOSH 42CFR84, CSA Z94.4
Head Protection: ANSI Z89.1
Eye Protection: ANSI Z87+
Hearing Protection (optional): ANSI S12.6-2010

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