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Kalis Dry Cooling Helmet Accessories

enhanced cooling through advanced technology

Centurion’s Kalis Dry Cooling helmet accessories keep you running at full speed in the hottest conditions. Two Dry Cooling product options offer flexibility: either attach the Kalis Dry Cooling helmet pad inside your hard hat’s webbing, or replace your hard hat’s standard sweatband with the Kalis Dry Cooling sweatband.

After adding a small amount of water to activate, Centurion’s Dry Cooling accessories provide enhanced cooling for 1-3 days without refilling, and do not require submersion, refrigeration or freezing like other cooling products. The patent-pending technology keeps the fabric dry to the touch, eliminating the discomfort of wet fabric on your skin, while cooling to over 20°F below ambient temperatures, even in humid environments.

Tested to provide 750 refills or more without a drop in effectiveness—up to 4 times longer than other cooling products—the Kalis Dry Cooling helmet pad and Kalis Dry Cooling sweatband offer cost saving benefits over their 5-year life, while reducing lost time and lowered performance due to heat stress.

The Kalis Dry Cooling sweatband and helmet pad fit in most hard hats, but are most effective in our vented Concept and Spectrum hard hats and Nexus helmets.

Features & Specifications:

Weight: 1.5 ounces (dry)

Machine washable

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