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More protection, greater comfort 

The Concept Mips industrial safety helmet from Centurion is our most affordable hard hat with Mips technology, providing better protection and greater comfort at a smaller price. It’s loaded with premium features, like a 4-point chinstrap, Dry-Tech sweatband, 6-point suspension, and lightweight ABS shell. And of course, the Mips low-friction layer, designed to help absorb, redirect, and disperse rotational force from off-center impacts.

How Mips works:

Studies show that rotational and off-center impacts to the head while wearing a standard helmet or hard hat can cause the brain to bounce against the inside of the skull, leading to potentially life changing injury. That’s often what happens when a pro football player ends their career after a concussion. In a Mips-enhanced helmet, the cradle moves so that your brain doesn’t.

The key is the Mips cradle’s low-friction layer, which lets the helmet’s interior rotate up to 15mm inside the shell.

Each component plays a vital role:

  • the helmet shell dissipates impact energy
  • the cradle reduces shock
  • the Mips low-friction layer redirects rotational forces

It’s an extra guard to protect your brain…and your way of life.

Available in vented (Class C) and non-vented (Class E), with a range of accessories and a full assortment of colors.

Technical Specifications

Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Weight: starting at 15.24oz

Suspension: 6-Point Terylene Webbing with 4 Adjustment Points

Sweatband: Dry-Tech Premium

Headband: Pliable Polyethylene with Twist2Fit Ratchet Adjustment

Chinstrap: 4-point

Vented or non-vented

Standard Colors

White, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Black, High-Visibility Yellow, High-Visibility Orange


Clear or tinted Integrated Safety Glasses, Contour Face Shields, Ear Defender Hearing Protection
High-quality printing of company logos is available.

Safety Standards

ANSI Z89.1-2009 Class C (vented), Classe E (non-vented)
Safety Glasses: Z87.1.2010

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