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Centurion’s Classic face protection system guards against spray, splash, and impact, integrating with our full range of Centurion hard hats. Quick and easy mounting via the hard hat’s accessory slots also allows simultaneous use with Centurion Ear Defenders.

The Classic polycarbonate face shield is simple to clean and disinfect for a range of uses, while impact protection, high melting point, and approval to ANSI Z87.1 make it ideal for grinding and other heavy duty industrial applications.

Classic Face Shield

Material: Polycarbonate
Length: 8.27” (210mm)
Weight: 3.67oz (104g)
Tested to ANSI Z87

Classic Face Shield Carrier

Fits all Centurion hard hats

Material: Nylon
Weight: 3.7oz (105g)
Manufactured in the UK

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